Around 600 telephone antennas do not have an operating licence -Green Party

April 10, 2019 at 3:20pm

Around 600 of the 1,300 telephone antennas in Cyprus do not have an operating licence, Green Party leader Giorgos Perdikis told the House Labour Committee on Tuesday.

He suggested that the government puts legislation in place to reduce the exposure of people to electromagnetic fields created by telephone and TV antennas and radars.

“There is great concern among the public regarding how their health can be affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields. For us, the health of citizens, especially children, is above everything else,” Committee president Andreas Fakontis commented.

He added that despite the fact that based on recent measurements, electromagnetic radiation coming from telephone antennas is below the EU-set limit, other countries have proceeded in a significant reduction of antenna radiation.

“Protective measures set by current legislation, which was put in force in 2006 are inadequate. We need to update them and take more measures to reduce radiation,” he said.

On his part, Perdikis said that antennas should be taller, better placed and located in areas far from vulnerable population.

On Tuesday, residents of Orounta successfully stopped the installation of an antenna on a house in the village.