Archbishop proposes scrapping five religious school holidays

August 7, 2018 at 12:26pm
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Archbishop Chrysostomos has sent a letter to Education Minister Costas Hambiaouri proposing the scrapping of five religious school holidays as very few teachers used them for the purpose for which they were adopted.

“They do not go to church themselves nor do they take pupils to church on these specific days. They are just used as a day off,” the letter said.

The proposal is to scrap the following holidays: November 13 (archbishop’s nameday),  January 30 (Three Hierarchs day), June 11 ( Saint Barnabas Day), Ascension Day and the local  saint’s day marked by each school.

“Abolishing these holidays will better benefit the purpose for which they were adopted as days off since teachers will be able to take at least some pupils to church. And it will add teaching time to our schools,” the archbishop added.