Animal Party slams Yeri Municipality over conditions at privately-owned pound (photos)

July 2, 2019 at 4:05pm
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Animal Party Cyprus on Tuesday called on the veterinary services to investigate conditions at a pound used by Yeri Municipality for abandoned dogs.

It said that the issue has also been reported to police which has an obligation to investigate.

In a written statement, the party said that the municipality was buying services to look after homeless dogs, but because of the deplorable conditions at the specific premises, animals have died.

“In premises (private) which did not fulfil the necessary requirements there are undernourished dogs and dogs which died in temperatures of 40 C without water and care,” it said.

It queried how the municipality had purchased services without first checking conditions there and added that the municipality had a legal obligation to run its own shelter.

The party also attached photographs from the premises which it said it had received from a member of the public who has reported the case to the police.