American Academy Nicosia student company Gaea does battle against plastic

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Gaea, a student company formed by pupils of the American Academy Nicosia through the participation in the Company Programme by Junior Achievement (JA) Cyprus, is working to replace everyday plastic and keep planet Earth alive.

JA encourages young people to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation. JA Cyprus is a member of JA Worldwide, one of the largest global NGOs dedicated to addressing fundamental social and economic challenges of young people by educating and empowering them to transform their future and own their economic success.

The word ‘gaea’ is derived from the ancestral mother of all life in Greek mythology suggesting that the Earth is alive. The aim of the company, Gaea, is to replace everyday plastic and keep planet Earth alive.

With plastic straws due to be banned in the European Union by 2021, the student company came up with a healthier, more natural and reusable alternative. Bamboo straws that are eco-friendly and the best substitute for disposable, plastic, toxic straws. Gaea’s bamboo straws are of high quality, they are free from chemicals, and are pleasing to the eye.

Another product Gaea offers is reusable bags created from recycled clothes which were no longer suitable for wearing.

“We shape the clothes into uniquely beautiful bags with different designs and colour choices that can be used for many purposes. We inspect every step of our production line to ensure that our customers get the best products possible,” they said.

And they added: “We are here to make a change, raise awareness for the dangers of plastic bags and straws, do our part to save the planet for future generations. We are thrilled to introduce eco-friendly bamboo straws and handcrafted homemade tote bags to the Cypriot market, and to expand people’s horizons to a lifestyle respectful and responsible towards the environment. Every single one of us matters. You can make a difference! Simply pick our bamboo straw instead of a plastic one! Simply snatch our reusable bag! Gaea is here to stay. Earth is here to stay.”