AKTI to launch ‘ZERO WASTE BEACH’ programme to tackle marine pollution

July 31, 2018 at 10:05am
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AKTI project and research centre is launching the ‘ZERO WASTE BEACH’ programme to tackle marine pollution. The programme includes a series of sustainable actions, involving dozens of seaside businesses and is being implemented in cooperation with COCA-COLA Foundation.

According to a press release, dozens of businesses operating on the coastal front of Cyprus, such as cafes, restaurants, kiosks, hotels, supermarkets and beach bars, are volunteering to participate in the ‘ZERO WASTE BEACH’ programme in order to fight plastic marine pollution.

More specifically, with the implementation of specific innovative actions, the participants are seeking to minimize waste in coastal areas.

The main pillars of the programme are:
-Installation  of 50 recycling bins on coastal pedestrian streets, in collaboration with local authorities.
-Establishment of annual beach cleaning campaigns, involving coastal businesses, schools and volunteers
-Contribution to the strengthening of AKTI’s programme ‘Responsible Coastal Businesses Network’.
-Detection and registration of recyclable waste generated by seaside businesses