Price of fruit, vegetables spike because of adverse weather

January 17, 2019 at 10:35am

The rains may have helped replenish depleted water stocks in the island’s dams, but consumers are having to dig deeper into their pockets for fruit and vegetables  because of the low temperatures and frost.

According to philenews, the price of greenhouse cucumbers has risen to €2.80 per kilo and that of field cucumbers to €4.00 per kilo.

Tomatoes are sold at €2.80 per kilo.

The price of aubergines and green beans is at €4.00 per kilo, while a kilo of beans costs €6.50.

Other legumes such as black eyed peas and broad beans are sold at €4.50 and €5 per kilo, respectively.

Courgettes cost €4.00 per kilo.

A kilo of cauliflower costs €1.70, a kilo of broccoli costs €3.30 and peppers cost €3.50 per kilo.

Also, frost has affected Famagusta potato crops, pushing prices to over €1.00 per kilo.

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