95 octane petrol and diesel prices up 8.7 cent and 5.5 cent per litre since January

October 2, 2019 at 1:42pm
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The price of 95 octane petrol and of diesel  rose by 8.7 cent and 5.5 cent a litre in the period of January to September, the Cyprus Consumers Association said on Wednesday.

It said that September had seen small drops in the first two weeks, followed by significant increases before it ended. Overall, compared to August petrol was up 1.5 cent a lite and diesel 3.8 cent a litre. Heating fuel remained at the same levels.

Since the start of the year to the end of September, the retail price of 96 octane petrol is up 8.7 cent a litre and that of diesel up 5.5 cent. heating fuel is 4.7 cent a litre more expensive.

The average retail price for petrol 95 in the EU was 1.412 euro a litre and in Cyprus 1.183 euro. Diesel averaged 1.325 euro a litre in the EU and 1.223 in Cyprus. Heating fuel cost 0.804 euro in the EU and 0.851 in Cyprus.