886,281 crossings from Greek Cypriots to and from the occupied north in 2019

July 16, 2019 at 4:05pm
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During the first five months of 2019, 886,281 Greek Cypriots crossed to and from the occupied north, figures published by Yeni Duzen on Tuesday show.

An additional 750,121 crossings by foreigners were recorded, according to the figures.

Besides Greek Cypriots, the majority of people who used the checkpoints to cross to the occupied north were UK and Greek nationals.

Number of people who entered and exited the occupied north from the checkpoints:

Greek Cypriots 886,281
UK nationals 148,605
Greek nationals 76,191
Turkish Cypriots coming from the UK 18,826
German nationals 50,367
Romanian nationals 55,391
USA nationals 9,814
Chinese nationals 4,031
French nationals 20,632

Number of people who entered or exited the occupied north via the illegal Tymbou airport or via marine transportation:

Greek Cypriots
UK nationals 11,105
Greek nationals 617
Turkish Cypriots coming from the UK 5,192
German nationals 27,282
Romanian nationals 495
USA nationals 1,367
Chinese nationals 737
French nationals 9,486

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