8% drop in property deals with non-Cypriots in January 2019

February 6, 2019 at 4:41pm
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There has been an 8% drop in the number of sales contracts deposited at the Department of Land and Surveys by non-Cypriots.

The latest figures show a drop in property purchases by third country nationals, while property transactions with non-Cypriot EU citizens were up.

In January 2019, a total of 107 sales contracts were deposited by Europeans and 250 by third country nationals, bringing the total to 357.

This compared to 90 for Europeans in the same month the previous year and 297 by third country nationals.

In January 2019, the largest number of sales contracts by third country nationals were in Paphos with 101, followed by Limassol with 69 – down from 105 and 103 respectively in the same month the previous year.

Paphos also led among EU buyers with 56 followed by Limassol with 16.