66 year old driver jailed for six months for role in road fatality

February 27, 2019 at 9:04am
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A 66 year old man has been jailed for six months by Nicosia district court  for his involvement in a traffic accident in Tseri in November 2018 that led to the death of a 37 year old man and the critical injury of his wife.

The defendant made a sudden right turn, cutting off a second car driven by a 30 year old. The second car was speeding at 118 km per hour rather than the permitted 65 and as a result of the collision crashed  into the back of a parked car. In it were the victim and his wife who were waiting for their daughter to finish her afternoon class.

The 66 year old pleaded guilty and was sentenced. The second driver has pleaded not guilty and a court hearing will be held.