52 year old arrested for speeding in Nicosia, failing to comply with police signal

April 23, 2019 at 11:41am
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A 52 year old driver was arrested for traffic offences and drug possession in Nicosia on Monday night.

Traffic police spotted the man driving at 120 km per hour on Spyros Kyprianou avenue where the speed limit is 50 km per hour and signalled him to stop.  However,  he accelerated and drove off. Police checked the number plates and went to his house where the 52 year drove up with a 47 year old co-driver.

During a search of his car, police also found a small quantity of drugs.  He was arrested and taken to the anti narcotics squad where he tested positive for drugs. He was then taken to Lakatamia police station where he was charged for traffic offences and detained.