42 year old arrested on suspicion of theft

February 8, 2019 at 9:07am
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Paphos police have arrested a 42 year old EU citizen permanent resident of Cyprus on suspicion of stealing €2500 in cash and a cheque of €700 that had been accidentally dropped by a man near a bakery yesterday.

The Cyprus News Agency said the suspect was arrested after police released his photograph and appealed for help from the public.

His photo had been taken from CCTV  of the area.

The Cyprus News Agency said that the stolen property was found in his house. It said that during questioning the man admitted he had taken the money but said he was going to hand it in to police.

The case was reported by a member of the public who said he had accidentally dropped the money intended as a down payment for a car. He had said he saw the man near the shop at the time.

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