31 year old arrested for 2 kilos of cannabis, arms possession

March 1, 2019 at 8:33am
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A 31 year old man from the Famagusta district was arrested on Thursday night as police investigate a case of illegal arms possession, reckless action and illegal possession of 2 kilos of cannabis.

The arrest follows a raid on Tuesday of the man’s house in the Larnaca district. When police arrived the man drove off, hitting three police cars and managing to get away.

He was pursued by police but drove into the SBA at Dhekelia, abandoned his car and disappeared on foot.

During a search of his house, police found a hunting rifle and two air guns which were confiscated.

On Wednesday police in cooperation with SBA Dhekelia police found the man’s car and with the help of sniffer dogs discovered 2 kilos of cannabis hidden in the vegetation nearby.

Police believe he threw the cannabis a little before making his getaway. It was confiscated by SBA police as the area in in their jurisdiction.

He was arrested a little before midnight on Thursday in Ayia Napa and is expected to appear in court today to be remanded in custody.