30 year old arrested in connection with Paphos car rental shop assault

May 23, 2019 at 1:26pm

Police in Paphos arrested a 30 year old man from Britain on Wednesday to facilitate investigations into a case of assault against a 37 year old.

According to police, the 37 year old reported that around 5 pm the suspect attacked him, swore at him and hit him in the head and hands in a rental car store in Paphos.

The attack stopped when people that were in nearby stores intervened.

After, the 37 year old said that the suspect left swearing and making gestures.

The victim was transferred to Paphos General Hospital by a relative.

Doctors diagnosed him with a broken nose, multiple hematomas, facial injuries and abrasions on his shoulder.

The 30 year old was arrested and is currently in custody.

Police are continuing investigations.