24 year old arrested for speeding; 22 year old for driving under influence of alcohol, drugs

August 28, 2019 at 12:03pm
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Ayia Napa police have arrested and charged two young men  — one for speeding and the other for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Police signalled to a 22 year old man to stop on Ayios Georgios street in Ayia Napa a little before 2 am on Wednesday. He failed to do so but was cut off by police.

He underwent an alco-test with a reading of 56 mg%ml instead of the 9mg which is the legal limit. The young man was arrested and taken to the police station where he underwent a drug test, with an initial positive reading.

He was released around 5 am after being charged.

In the second case, at about 15 minutes after midnight, police stopped a driver who was doing 182 km per hour on the Ayia Napa-Larnaca highway where the speed limit is 100 km per hour.

The 24 year old driver was arrested, taken to the police station and charged to appear in court at a later date.