23.000 patients in line for an Ultrasound and 10.000 for a Pap test

April 12, 2018 at 10:55am
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The lack of necessary equipment, failures of the already existing equipment and understaffing appear to be, according to organised patients, the reasons for the huge waiting lists in public hospitals.

The Pancyprian Federation Of Patients Associations and Friends, which had undertaken a survey on the waiting times of patients, has prepared a full proposal and submitted it to the Ministry of Health asking for swift solutions to problems faced by tens of thousands of patients.

Waiting lists are one of the biggest problems in the health sector, stated to Philielefteros the Chairman of  Pancyprian Federation Of Patients Associations and Friends, Marios Kouloumas. On January 1st, around 23.000 patients were waiting for an ultrasound exam and more than 10.000 women for a Pap test.

According to Kouloumas, limiting the maximum waiting time for each medical need is a policy which had tremendous results wherever implemented. For example, in other countries where waiting lists are implemented in the health sector patients wait 31 to 84 days for all non-emergency procedures