21 convicts freed with presidential pardon because of Independence Day

October 1, 2019 at 9:37am
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A total of 21 convicts who have served at least half their prison time were pardoned and released yesterday on the occasion of Cyprus’ Independence Day.

The presidential pardon was granted at the suggestion of the attorney general.

Of the 21 released convicts, 14 are Greek Cypriots and seven are non-Cypriot nationals. They were due to have been released by the end of December and had served at least half their sentence.

Prisoners convicted for sexual offences, drugs or murder or attempted murder were excluded from the list.

A small number of prisoners is released on important anniversaries and religious holidays to rejoin their families and reintegrate with society as well as to decongest the prison.

Moreover, the sentence of the  number of convicts is commuted by a quarter on the election of a new president.