20 year old arrested for speeding, driving over the limit and without road tax

January 24, 2019 at 9:01am
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A 20 year old man is under arrest for a series of traffic offences including speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police said that the young man was stopped by traffic police a little after midnight, speeding at 192 km per hour on the Nicosia-Larnaca highway, close to Koshi. The speed limit is 100 km per hour.

He underwent an alco-test with a final reading of 18 mg, twice the 9 mg limit.

Police said that the road tax on the car he was driving had expired in December 2016.

Yesterday, Nicosia district court jailed  a 23 year old man for one month for speeding.

Driver jailed for one month for speeding