18 Scandinavian tourists honoured by Ayia Napa for their multiple visits

February 24, 2019 at 5:30pm
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During a ceremony held at Ayia Napa’s Municipality, Mayor Yiannis Karousos honoured eighteen Scandinavian tourists (five couples and eight individuals) who in recent years have repeatedly visited Ayia Napa for their holidays.

They are Norwegians Paul-Fredrik and Anne-Lise Steen Aaserud (15 visits), Liv Dagrun Gregersen (22 visits), Tove Irene Garsegg (25 visits), Brita Nordbrøden (17 visits), Knut and Eva Harriet Svendsen (20 visits), Gunnar Bjarne and Sonja Margrethe Edvardsen (20 visits), Ruth Hjortdahl (19 visits), Eva Elisabeth Simonsen (20 visits), Mona Elisabeth Bjørge (19 visits), Even Bjørn and Gerd Johanna Gjengaar (18 visits), and the Swedes Ιnger Ragnhild Aspkrans (20 visits), Stig Ingvar and Elvy Linnea Fristedt (15 visits) and Nils Henning Eriksson (20 visits).

The Mayor thanked the guests both for their multiple visits and for their preference to the popular tourist resort. “We welcome you in the great family of friends of Ayia Napa,” said the Mayor before awarding them the title of “Ambassadors of Tourism”.