18 irregular migrants picked up in Akaki

February 28, 2019 at 8:10am
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Police said that 18 irregular migrants — 17 from Syria and one from Congo — have been picked up near Akaki.

They are believed to have crossed over into the government-controlled areas from the Turkish-occupied north.

The 17 Syrians, including  a 16 year old youth, were spotted walking on the road near Akaki at 8.30 pm on Wednesday.

They were taken to the police station for a statement and from there to the temporary reception centre at Kokkinotrimithia.

Around 1 am on Thursday, police were tipped off about another person in Akaki and picked up an 18 year old from Congo who was also taken to Kokkinotrimithia.

All 18 are believed to have crossed over from the Turkish occupied areas.