117 drivers booked for drunken driving, 362 for speeding

July 22, 2018 at 2:53pm
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Police have stepped up patrols, booking 117 drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol and another 362 for speeding over two days on July 21 and 222.

A police announcement said that a total of 1, 117 drivers had been booked for traffic offences in the two days.

It added that during one such patrol in Ayia Napa, a biker refused to stop and tried to evade police, but lost control of his motorbike and hit and policeman a police car.

The 22 year old biker was arrested for reckless driving. He was also found to be driving without a licence, insurance and registration plates.

The 22 year old also tested positive in a narcotest.

The policeman was taken to hospital with minor injuries and given three days sick leave.


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