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Young girl reports suspected ‘paedophile dad’ to cops

A suspected paedophile has failed in his attempts at the Supreme Court to quash a criminal investigation against him after it emerged that his own daughter had reported him to the police upon discovering that he was allegedly grooming young girls.

According to the court transcript, the appellant claimed that his daughter had logged into his Facebook account despite admitting that he had previously gave her his password.  The man – who is divorced from the girl’s mother – is currently living with his mother and sister.

According to his daughter’s statement to police, her father had set up a Facebook account with a false identity. He had then proceeded to groom underage girls on the internet by pretending to be a teenager himself.

He was also exchanging naked pictures with his alleged victims and urging them to meet with him.

Acting on the information provided by the man’s daughter, police obtained a search warrant and confiscated his computer. He was also arrested and questioned.

But according to a lawyer representing the man, the police’s search warrant was wrongfully granted by the district court due to the circumstances of the complaint.

The Supreme Court, however, rejected the appeal allowing police to continue the investigation against him.

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