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World record hope for Larnaca comedian

By Paula Manoli-Gray

A Larnaca social media comedian has attempted to enter the Guinness World Records with the world’s largest frappe drink and is awaiting official confirmation of its success.

Peter Kypri – who is known on social media as Cypriot Smurf – entered a 40-litre version of the popular cold coffee drink in a 26-inch-high glass.

Kypri was the first to apply for the world record for the largest frappe, although there are already records for the largest iced coffee (Republic of Korea, 2014) and for the largest cappuccino (Italy, 2013).

His application – made in July – is pending, and could take up to 12 weeks, but is likely to be successful due to no previous entries for the title.

“I love frappe and was just relaxing one day thinking of new video ideas when I saw a really big glass on TV and thought ‘imagine frappe in that!’ and the idea grew from there,” says the 29-year-old comedian.

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Kypri’s friends George Stylianou and Alexandros Tsiambartas of Coffee Sweet coffee shop in Larnaca sponsored the attempt by supplying the coffee, ice, milk and commemorative stickers on the glass.

The whole procedure was filmed and broadcast live on social media sites, with the video also sent to Guinness World Records as proof of the attempt.

Popular in Cyprus and Greece, frappe is made by blending instant coffee with a little water to form a thick froth, before adding ice, water and/or milk.

Comedy in local life

Kypri started making social media videos in 2015, using his alternate, satirical personalities, Charlie (an Anglo-Cypriot) and Souvlakis (a Cypriot). Using the stereotypes of the two, he creates short, comedic videos and memes.

Although half Cypriot and half Italian, Kypri has lived on the island for 18 years and identifies as Cypriot: “My name, Cypriot Smurf, was given to me by my cousin Nick when I was living in London for a period,” he explains.

“I’m not the tallest person around, and fresh off the boat from Cyprus he called me Cypriot Smurf, which I also used as my username for my mobile. I couldn’t change it on the phone, and it has stuck ever since!”

Kypri says that although his videos are playing up the stereotypes of both local Cypriots and British-born Cypriots who live on the island, it comes from a good place.

“I try to keep the videos funny and as less offensive as possible because the aim of comedy is to make people laugh and smile, not to offend them, but you can’t please everyone all the time.”

Kypri will also be introducing a new female character – a Cypriot lady called Koulla, who will portray the stereotype of Cypriot and Greek women.

With Cypriot Smurf accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, and a YouTube page, some of Smurf’s videos have reached close to half a million views, whilst his Facebook page has over 18,000 ‘likes’.

He has also appeared on nationwide radio, and his videos have featured on other local websites and social media pages.

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