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Women crave the jelly belly family guy

As our dumb and dumber MPs are hell-bent on limiting our freedom to shop I consoled myself in a new trend sweeping the nation – it’s called the Dad Bod. Apparently women no longer crave six-packs but are ready to embrace a few extra curves and a well proportioned beer belly.

This is great for men way past their prime who no longer have time to sweat it out down the gym. Having a spare tyre shows that you don’t spend time in front of the mirror pruning yourself but go the extra nine yards to look after the family. Instagram is also championing the dad bod movement which gives everyone – that’s most of us – a chance to feel sexy again with a more ‘natural look’.

So don’t feel bad about that extra weight around the middle flaunt it down the beach this weekend and wallow in the adoring looks that come your way. If it works for Leonardo Dicaprio at 40, then man boobs and beer bellies are this year’s summer thing. Get out there guys and give it your best shot because the shops will be closed for the Sunday jaunt.

Well some might be open and some won’t. Basically our politicians want to turn Cyprus into a mini-Venezuela where big business is frowned upon and small stores that overcharge for basic goods can thrive. It’s a war on supermarkets and shopping malls that is willing to sacrifice thousands of hard-to-find jobs.

Like most things in Cyprus this is a move fuelled by vindictiveness and petty party interests – because consumers don’t want it and public opinion has not called for it. The Opposition wants to make life difficult for the government so why not screw up the economy.

This is how things are done – personal gain always trumps the common good. This is why it makes me laugh that politicians are calling for President Anastasiades to do something about ‘political interference’ in football.

The very people who are destroying the game are calling for transparency and non-interference after some dodgy refereeing decisions. And what is the President suppose to do exactly? Tell everyone to calm down and carry on.

When we start putting football before nepotism and self-interest, then we can move forward but that’s not going to happen. Oh yeah “boring, boring” Chelsea are champions – and Jose hasn’t even won manager of the month. Cruel world.

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