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What to drink in the heat

By Lucie Robson

I’m not convinced about the real temperatures as opposed to those reported in Cyprus these heatwave days.
When you routinely experience extreme heat or cold, you soon develop the ability to detect the subtle difference one or two degrees make to how you feel.

For example, last weekend I found myself telling friends that the temperature was relatively cool, forgetting, for a minute, that I was talking about a summer Mediterranean climate.

But that’s how last weekend felt to me following the sweltering heatwave of the previous few days.

I’ve lived in Cyprus for years and I had a suspicion, without needing to check, that the heatwave temperature was several degrees higher than reported.

My body’s reaction to the temperature and the heat emanating from everything in my apartment were telling me so, no matter what the Met office was saying.

Regardless, an important question remains: what to drink during this scorching heat?

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, white wine is my beverage.

But to enjoy white wine in this heat, it needs to be so cold that your glass is frosted over and you leave watery finger prints on it.

It has been so hot that my fridge has actually been unable to fully chill my mini ‘cava’ and I am usually reluctant to put ice cubes in wine as it doesn’t taste the same.
Strike that one.


On the non-alcohol front, my choice is iced latte. I like Italian coffee, but not too strong, so a freezing cold latte with one shot of espresso is enough.

The first few sips of this drink in this heat is divine. But I don’t want to drink coffee all day as it’s hard enough sleeping when your mattress feels like a slowly-cooling oven. Strike that.

Indeed, I’ve discovered that the best cocktail for me this time of year is liquid H2o mixed with plenty of cubes of frozen H2o.

All year round, I force drink a couple of litres of water every day. In autumn, winter and spring though, it’s out of a sense of duty so, while I don’t dislike it, I don’t particularly enjoy it either.

Roll on summer and super-chilled water magically transcends its plain flavour to taste like nectar poured directly from heaven.

And when the temperature is above 40 (or, hmph-hmph, 45), iced water tastes like the most imaginative and satisfying cocktail ever created.

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