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Warm weather to make way for some rain

After a week of warmer than usual weather, temperatures in Cyprus will begin to gradually fall from Thursday, reaching the usual average for early April by the weekend.

Speaking to the Cyprus Weekly, Meteorological Department official Panayiotis Lingis also said rain was on its way, anticipated on Thursday and over the weekend.

“It was 27℃ inland Wednesday but it will drop to 25℃ on Thursday and down to the usual average of 22℃-23℃ by Friday,” he said.

Temperatures on the north and south coasts will reach 24℃, on Thursday and those on the east and west coasts 23℃ while and a high of 17 ℃ will be reached in the mountains.

Lingis said wet weather would return, beginning with isolated showers in the mountains and some inland areas from Thursday afternoon.

“There may also be some dust but this will be high up in the atmosphere and is not expected to have a tragic impact,” he said.

After a mainly fine Friday, meanwhile, showers and the possibility of storms, will make a comeback over the weekend, Lingis predicted.

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