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Voral Ltd – The business we are in

We smoothen and accelerate the path from strategic decision to full-scale operations, for foreign companies wishing to establish a presence in the Republic of Cyprus.

We offer key managed business services that foreign-owned companies will need to establish and ramp-up their presence in the Republic of Cyprus. We organize our offerings under three distinct practice areas, designed for optimal simplicity and flexibility:

1. REGISTRATION & LEGAL SERVICES: Our clients have access to our local highly experienced legal advisors to guide them through the necessary local registration and business setup services.

2. SHARED OFFICE SERVICES: We enable our clients to establish immediate physical presence in the heart of the business district in Limassol, the emerging city of choice for thousands of foreign-owned companies establishing operations in Cyprus. Our clients get access to:

○ Private office space and access to shared conference room facilities
○ Experienced, multi-lingual administrative staff
○ Fast internet access, phone lines, fax and print services
○ Assistance with search and establishment of permanent office space

3. ACCOUNTING BUSINESS SERVICES: Establishing a strong foothold in Cyprus requires deep understanding and operational knowledge of accounting processes and systems, pursuant to local rules and regulations. Our clients have access to turn-key accounting services that can help them establish a vigorous financial cadence quickly and efficiently. This includes access to:

○ Experienced, multi-lingual “pop-up” accounting staff
○ Accounting computer systems and tools, available as-a-service
○ Accounting planning, budgeting and reporting tools and services
○ Financial audit consulting and services


To establish strong and sustained foothold in the Republic of Cyprus you need to move forward with speed and confidence, while protecting the strong reputation and financial standing of your firm. Our partners make it their personal mission to help you accomplish exactly that.

Contact details:
Voral Ltd
41 Spyrou Kyprianou
Steratzias Bld, Court 2
1st Floor, # 101
Mesa Yitonia, 4003 Limassol Cyprus
Phone: ++357 25750366 / ++357 99441884
Fax: ++357 25750370
E-mail: haris@iona.com.cy

Legal Advisors:
Y. Georgiades & Associates LLC
2 Ayiou Pavlou & Kadmou,
Wisdom Tower, 3rd Floor,
Nicosia 1105
Phone: ++357 22819292
Fax: ++357 22778444

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