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Used cars still dominate sales in Cyprus


As Cyprus eases out of its financial crisis car sales are on the up but most drivers can only afford imported second-hand cars.

For every 10 vehicles circulating on Cyprus roads only two are new cars.

Car sales in August reached 2,576 registrations with 1,939 being imported used cars – around 75% – and only 637 were new.

This state of affairs is also affecting the island’s CO2 emissions which it needs to cut under EU 2020 targets – older cars in general are less clean to the environment.

The majority of imported used cars are from the UK (68%) and Japan (22%).

Top sellers among the new car registrations in August are Toyota (90 cars sold), Nissan (66), Hyundai (62), Ford (43), Mercedes (42) with BMW and Kia both on 40.

Among all the petrol and diesel guzzlers a single used Tesla electric car was sold.


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