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University of Cyprus Rector accuses MPs of victimisation

University of Cyprus Rector Constantinos Christofides has accused a group of MPs for meddling and targeting the university and himself following the dismissal of one of the university’s legal consultants with political affiliations.

Speaking on Radio Active on Wednesday, Christofides pointed a finger at AKEL MP Giorgos Georgiou who 15 days ago had accused the rector of illegalities only for the university to be vindicated by Attorney General Costas Clerides.

“We dismissed one of our legal consultants with political affiliations. That is the problem,” said Christofides.

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“It’s a matter of meddling which the Auditor General should examine,” he added.

He also attributed accusations by MP’s on the House Education Committee that the university’s legal counsellor was handling his (Christofides) personal affairs, to partisan intervention.

The rector pointed out that the advice he received from the university’s legal counsellor was in his capacity as the rector and not as a private individual.

Christofides believes that some people seem to have a problem with the success of the university.

“All evaluations show the University of Cyprus to be the most reliable organization in the country and its budgets are counter-checked,” said Christofides.

The rector also pointed out that while other organizations may have dozens of cases before the Attorney General and Auditor General’s office, the university has none.

Christofides in the meantime has not ruled out his candidacy in next year’s presidential elections.

“The current political system we are living in has driven us from one catastrophe to another,” said Christofides.

“They divide the people among unionists and non-unionists, pro-English and pro-Greek purely for political gain,” he added.

Chrsitofides believes that his candidacy will change the electoral agenda and that is why he is being targeted by the political system and in particular a group within the House Education Committee.

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