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UK chippy with Cyprus links saves colleague’s life

A British Cypriot woman’s British Italian husband and his brother have been declared heroes after saving the life of a colleague at a UK chippy.

As reported by the Daventry Express, 17-year-old Beth Nicholls, who works at Michael’s Golden Chippy on the town’s Headlands estate, recently collapsed at work after suffering a cardiac arrest.

“Thanks to the efforts of brothers Mario and Pep Forgione, Beth is now recovering in hospital. The brothers have been hailed for not only saving Beth’s life, but for promptly starting CPR which kept her brain oxygenated and prevented it suffering damage,” the paper reported.

Giuseppe ‘Pep’ Forgione is married to Litsa Forgione (Kyriakides), whose family is originally from Cyprus and who still has many relatives here, including a sister, Maria Ioannou, who lives in Nicosia with her family and works in the Cyprus Weekly’s advertising department.

Pep told the Daventry Express said: “Beth turned to talk with Mario but then she just collapsed. “Mario went straight to her, I called 999 as she’d hit her head.”

Mario added: “Beth went into a sort of seizure. “Pep was relaying what the paramedics on the phone were saying. They told us to open her airway, but her neck had swollen so I had to force her mouth open. Then they told us to move her into the recovery position. That’s when she let out this last breath and her heart stopped.”

Beth had suffered a cardiac arrest – she had no history of heart problems and no symptoms beforehand.

Read the original story at: http://www.daventryexpress.co.uk/news/daventry-chip-shop-brothers-praised-for-saving-teenager-s-life-after-she-suffered-a-cardiac-arrest-1-7602765

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