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UCY suggests increase of speed limits

A study of the University of Cyprus suggests that speed limits on Cyprus motoways should change from 100 Km per hour to 120.

It specifically suggests that the tolerance shown to drivers exceeding the limits by 20 km per hour should come to end with the speed limit being extended by 20 km per hour.

As things stand today, the speed limit on the highways is 100 km per hour, but drivers are reported once they exceed 121 km per hour on the charge that they have excided the 100 km per hour speed limit.

However the recommendation made by the UCY comes into conflict with the Road Transport Department which claims that the roads were made with a 100 km per hour speed limit specification. The RTD has however tolerated the drivers speeding at 120 without being reported.

Speed limits are revaluated and changed according to the area, the traffic and the road specifications. The matter is under investigation by the relative authorities and is expected to reach the Board of Road Safety for approval.

As far as the increase of penalties in cases of serious road accidents goes, there will be a broader public discussion with various organisations with the aim for a bill to be prepared and put to the State’s Legal Services, the Cabinet and the House for approval.

Higher penalties regarding drink driving, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt whilst driving are to be included in a probable bill.

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