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If there’s one thing I don’t share with Aesop is his contempt for the carefree cricket which enjoys life singing, while admiring the ant, which plans ahead with great attention to detail.
Naturally, everything is best in moderation, but despite his carefree spirit, the cricket has survived through the centuries and still manages to deafen us in the summer.
And I’m happy that a well-established chef and teacher of the art of cooking Marios Hadjiosif, rather than the ant, which is the  name of his restaurant/ tavern in Lymbia had a rethink and opted for Tzitzikas for his new tavern in Strovolos, near the SEK building. He did not focus particularly on décor as in the past —  though it is in good taste —  but left it with touches of disarray and disorder, which gives you feel good feeling.
It is more ‘unrefined’ but at very acceptable levels. And while nothing has been left to chance and meticulous attention has been given to his meze, from the salad to the cold and hot meze and the grilled food, all of which ooze quality, everything is nevertheless simple, ‘tavern style’ and  unsophisticated. Of course all carry Hadjiosif’s signature and therefore are very tasty and well thought out. The cheese salad, cheese dip and the aubergine dip are magnificent, the stuffed mushrooms superb, as are the meat patties and the kebab (chicken or mince meat), the pancetta etc. His wine cellar is simple but well stocked and he also offers wine from the barrel. Good professional service, with prices, also for the ‘common man’.  The cricket sang wisely.
Athalassa Ave 2 (corner with Strovolos Ave), Nicosia
Tel 22515858.

Nina Theocharidou


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