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Two suspects freed in employment scam

Two suspects in the labour scam case currently being investigated in Paphos have been released without being charged pending the results of handwriting recognition analysis.

The two suspects are the 80-year-old friend of the man that reported the case to the police and a 56-year-old notary public.

The owner of an employment office, the two employees of the office, a doctor and a Sri-Lankan are still in police custody.

The Paphos police spokesperson said that investigations were still on-going as it had been discovered that another 15 cases that the employment office had handled have shown that legal procedures were not followed.

The investigations will centre around the social and professional circles of the suspects as well as the names that have appeared in the 15 cases discovered to have legal irregularities.

The suspects are facing charges which include conspiracy to commit a crime, conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour, forgery, circulating forged documents under false pretences and money laundering.

The police were alerted to the case, when a 78-year-old was summoned by the Social Security Services to pay outstanding Social Security contributions for the domestic servant he was supposedly employing.

The man had never employed a domestic servant before.

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