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Two arrested in Limassol drug-related abduction

Limassol Police have arrested two people in connection to the abduction of a hotel owner after cocaine hidden at a mountainside hotel in the district was found by the police.

According to the police, the 31-year-old and 36-year-old are suspected of abducting the 42-year-old owner of the Saittas area hotel after the younger man realised 350 grams of cocaine he had hidden there was no longer in place.

The drugs had been confiscated by the police on New Year’s Eve after they searched the hotel following a tip-off.

It appears the suspects were not convinced by the hotel owner’s explanation and the two men, reportedly assisted by two or three of their friends,  allegedly took the hotel owner to an agricultural area of Polemidhia where he was beaten. The 36-year-old allegedly also fired shots into the air to intimidate the hotel owner, demanding the cocaine or the €35,000 he said it was worth.

The hotel owner said he had played no part in the drugs removal and eventually, the 31-year-old intervened and said he would give the 36-year-old the money. The two then abandoned the hotel owner at the site.

The two have been arrested and police are attempting to identify the other men who assisted in the abduction. Investigations are continuing.

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