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Turkish Cypriots do not trust health system in north

The vast majority of Turkish Cypriots do not trust the public health authorities and institutions.

According to a recent opinion poll 68% of people asked said that they do not trust and feel dissatisfied with the public health system in the north.

According to the opinion poll only a 32% of those asked expressed total confidence in the public health system in the north. The vast majority of the people asked said that they felt that public health authorities are not sensitive to patient’s rights.

The figures were released by the Universal Patient Rights Association in the north. The association conducted a door to door survey visiting 846 households. The survey was about Patient’s Rights and was part of the association’s “Patient’s Voice” project.

The association along with the release of the poll’s results also touched on the issue of the public laboratory which burned down in December 2016. They released an announcement stating that the fire which burned destroyed the lab has caused serious problems for the health of the public, work safety and for juridical matters.

It is blaming the authorities for not being able to protect people’s lives. According to the announcement even though part of the laboratory has been deemed operational, chemical residues from the fire have endangered the lives of people working in the lab and for that reason all work has completely stopped in the lab.

The association has warned that the fact that the lab is unable to perform checks on vegetables, fruit and water is endangering people’s lives.

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