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Troodos The call of the Wild

Move away from the towns and coastal areas towards the picturesque roads that spiral up the mountains and a whole new world awaits. With the pine filled Troodos Mountains rising high above the central plains, the abundance of natural beauty is profound. Set out on signposted scenic nature trails punctuated with pungent wildflowers boasting views that stretch out as far as the eye can see or explore steep mountain slopes that become home to avid skiers and snowboarders in the winter months. You may also be tempted to reach for your binoculars in a spot of bird watching, take a break at one of the picnic sites, or get snappy when immersed in the otherworldly appeal of the Cedar Valley. Travel around the wider area and the quiet pace will lure you toward all sorts of delightful sights. From the healing sulphur springs of Kalopanagiotis and the calm waters that gurgle beneath the elegantly arched Tzelefos Bridge, to the splendour of KykkosMonestary, there’s no end to the rural treats. Sprinkled across the rural landscape are a whole host of picture perfect villages with welcoming inhabitants sitting on wickered chairs beside open doorways keen to wave at passersby. As the past unravels, stop off at one of the old taverns to sample traditional delights. And if your hiking boots are calling out for attention, make a beeline for the cascading Kaledonia Falls. Ending up just outside the village of Platres, it’s just the place to put your feet up and watch the rather peaceful world go by.

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