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Traffic violations on the rise in the north

The Turkish Cypriot traffic department is particularly concerned over the rising number of traffic offences in the north.

According to data released by head of department Umit Karagozlu some 25,505 traffic offences were recorded in 2016, but the first five months of 2017 saw a total of 32,045 violations.

Figures given reveal that approximately 5,000 offences are penalised every month. Meanwhile, out of the 1,822 accidents in 2016, 438 were caused by speeding. Just in the first five months of this year, the relevant number has reached 418.

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The head of the traffic service department said that authorities in the north had installed 100 speed cameras back in 2006 in an effort to reduce speed related accidents. Karagozlu said that while he cannot say that speed related accidents have come to a halt in places where the cameras were installed, however the fatalities on those roads were brought down to zero.

He said the cameras were not able to reduce the deaths from speed related accidents as “road accident related deaths stopped taking place on the part of  the road which is monitored by the cameras, and started taking place a bit further down”.

The head of the department also critisiced the state of roads in the north of the island. “Cameras alone cannot solve the problem. The issue also has to do with what kind of roads you have. Do we have roads?”

Karagozlu added that the authorities in the north plan to install various modern technology systems to help combat traffic violations. He said that the coalition has taken the decision to install a number of point-to-point systems to track speeding violations.

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