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Tourism arrivals break new record in June 2017

The increased inflow of tourist arrivals from smaller markets, such as Germany and Israel, has led to a record June for tourist arrivals in Cyprus.

The latest data from the Cyprus Statistical Service show that the large markets of the United Kingdom and Russia have stabilised in June, in contrast to the smaller markets which have contributed to an increase of 14.4% in tourist arrivals in June.

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According to the Statistical Service, tourist arrivals in June 2017 reached 472,450, compared to 413,114 in June 2016, an increase of 14.4%.

June 2017 arrivals were the highest ever recorded for the specific month.

United Kingdom arrivals increased by 1.2% in June 2017 compared to June 2016, while there was also a 2.1% increase in tourist arrivals from Russia.

A dramatic 93.1% increase was recorded in arrivals from Germany, reaching 18,363 from 9,508 in June 2016. Arrivals from Lebanon climbed to 8,010 from 4,650, an increase of 72.3%.

Arrivals from Poland increased by 59.8% to reach 8,471 from 5,300, while arrivals from Austria increased by 51.2%, up to 4,268 from 2,822.

Notable increases were also recorded in arrivals from Israel (88%), Sweden (25.4%) and Norway (24.6%).

Contrarily, there was a 27.5% decrease in tourist arrivals from Ukraine.

The United Kingdom and Russia are the main source of tourism for Cyprus in June 2017, contributing 31.9% and 27.5% respectively to total tourist arrivals. Israel arrivals contributed 5.9% to the total, Sweden 4.5%, while from Germany 3.9%.

Men make up 44.2% of tourists, while women 55.8%, with most tourists belonging to the 20-44 age group.

For the period January-June 2017, tourist arrivals reached 1,463,206 compared to 1,255,240 during the same period in 2016, recording a 16.6% increase and an all-time-high for tourist arrivals during the first half of a year.

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