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Topless Teresa May is not UK PM

Theresa May is set to take David Cameron’s job on Wednesday, but her namesake, glamour model Teresa May is telling her followers on Twitter she won’t be the next UK Prime Minister.

Teresa, real name Teresa Betteridge, advertises worn underwear for sale and sells signed topless selfies.

And she has people who misspell or mistype to thank for that.


Following Cameron’s resignation and the emergence of single candidate Theresa May for the premiership, Teresa –save the “h”- May started getting congratulatory messages and a lot more traffic on social media.

But she was prompted to remove a lot of photos from her Twitter account when she started getting a lot of media attention and users going through her personal photos without authorisation or intent to buy anything.


May even updated her profile to reflect the fact that she is not about to become the next Prime Minister.

“I am a UK Glamour model, not the Prime Minister,” May wrote on Twitter.

It is not clear whether this will harm or help May’s model career, but thousands of people now follow her on Twitter, who could be potential buyers of personalised topless selfies and worn underwear by the model herself.

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