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Top marks received

The excellent results of an Independent Schools Inspection Report, detailing the expert evaluation of The Junior & Senior School in Nicosia, were recently announced.

According to an announcement from the School: “We are delighted to have received the final report of the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) following their inspection of The Junior & Senior School in October. This was our first full inspection as an International School.”

The school also noted that details of the ISI could be found on the body’s website www.isi.net  which would soon also be displaying the report of The Junior & Senior School.

“We are very pleased with the many positive comments included within this report. We believe that the inspectors acquired a true understanding of the character and ethos of our school,” the announcement added.


ISI use four categories of judgement on various aspects of the school. They are: Excellent, Good, Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory. The overwhelming majority of judgements for The Junior & Senior School were excellent and the remainder were good. No aspects of the school were considered satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Furthermore, the inspectors checked the school’s compliance with international regulations related to Health and Safety, welfare of the children, and safeguarding and child protection.

“We were fully compliant with every category and have no recommendations for improvement in this area. The inspectors informed us that it is very rare for a school to be fully compliant at their first inspection,” The Junior & Senior School announcement noted.

Main findings

The inspectors found that the school was fulfilling its aim to seek the best educational provision for its pupils. They said that good and often excellent levels of attainment are achieved in public examinations and that the pupils have positive and enthusiastic attitudes to learning, that their personal development is excellent and that there is a high quality of welfare and pastoral support.

Furthermore, the inspectors concluded that pupils’ cultural development is outstanding and there are excellent standards of health and safety. They also found that an improved educational experience for the pupils across all sections of the school was due to excellent governance, leadership and management. They said that strong leadership is promoting a culture of high expectation and improved academic attainment.

Recommendations for further improvement

“Overall the inspectors made a small number of recommendations which we are developing strategies to address. Our original reasons for bringing these inspectors were twofold. Firstly, we wanted to register ourselves as a fully compliant International School, equipped to deliver a world-class education to a multi-cultural student body. “Secondly, we wanted to use the experience to learn and grow,” the school’s announcement noted.

By identifying areas of improvement and learning from the experience and expertise of external professionals and by embracing transparency, the school said it could continue to put in place strategies to raise achievement and enhance the learning experience for all its students.

The Junior & Senior School announcement noted: “Very few private schools in Cyprus have gone through such a detailed and in-depth inspection by international educational professionals. We believe the report compares very favourably with other international schools and demonstrates that we are constantly striving to improve in order to provide the best education in Cyprus and in an international context.”

The school thanked the staff for all their endeavours towards The Junior & Senior School achieving this very positive report “but also to acknowledge their dedication on a daily and on-going basis even when the inspectors are not in the school because they are caring and passionate professionals”.

The school also gave credit to its students. “The inspectors told us verbally that they were highly impressed with all our students, from the very youngest to the oldest. They noted that our children are proud of their school, enjoy learning and are keen to achieve and make progress. They also commented on the fact that in a very multi-cultural environment, the atmosphere is positive and harmonious and that the children are respectful of each other and their teachers.”

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