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Tomato soup gives better UV protection

Sun creams only offer 50% protection against skin cancer but according to a South African plastic surgeon, tomato soup goes a long way in offering you additional protection.

Plastic surgeon Des Fernades of Cape Town, South Africa shows that UV exposure causes skin conditions from photoaging to cancer and believes a good way to combat this is with vitamin A.

Fernandes believes that along with the use of vitamin A directly on the skin every morning and night throughout the year a potable source of vitamin A will boost UV protection.

“The secret of the tomato soup is the easiest and simplest way to increase our vitamin A levels,” said Fernandes.

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Despite $17 billion spent worldwide on sun creams in 2016 and year on year increase expected to reach $1 billion, the number of reported cases of skin cancer have increased by 200% since the 1970s and the number is growing.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) lists 2-3 million non-melanoma skin cancers each year.

The WHO recorded 232,000 melanoma skin cancers in 2012 of which 55,000 resulted in a death. Statistically, that translates into one death every 10 minutes.

And despite people becoming more aware of the dangers of sun exposure and the increase sales of sin screens, the rise in skin cancers are on the rise.

One in every three cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer and, according to Skin Cancer Foundation Statistics, one in every five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.

It has been shown that applying a factor 15 or higher sun screen can help reduce non-melanoma cancers by 40% and melanoma by 50%.

University of California researcher Kerri Hanson has shown that the sun screens covering the skin are destroyed by the sun’s UV light causing a series of biological reactions which if not replenished will have the same result as not applying sun screen at all.

Consumers are warned that “water-resistant” and “very water-resistant” sunscreens only last up to 40 and 80 minutes respectfully and should faithfully follow the instructions on the packaging for their use.

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