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Company cleared to supply medical cannabis to Cyprus

Global company Tilray, which produces and distributes medical cannabis around the world, says it has received clearance to send cannabinoid formulations to patients in Cyprus.

In a statement, Tilray president Brendan Kennedy said his company is working with the Health Ministry in Cyprus in order to make possible the importation and distribution of Tilray Drops.

“We are proud to be able to offer patients access to high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products in Cyprus,” Kennedy said.

The product is a medical cannabis extract targeting patients with advanced cases of cancer who have authorisation to access medical cannabis products.

Health Minister George Pamboridis recently spoke out in favour of breaking taboos and having honest discussions about legal uses of cannabis, with emphasis on medical marijuana.

The easing of restrictions came after the state lost a number of court cases where patients sued the government.Essentially they argued that the state was infringing upon their right to have access to medical cannabis.

One case was pivotal in changing government attitudes, after a 19-year-old cancer patient had requested permission to use medical cannabis and was denied three times.

Pamboridis approved his request but it was too late, as the patient died on the day after being informed of the approval.

A number of cases in different categories of cancer patients who need cannabis oil have been approved to receive their medication. Currently, the health minister is the only person who can authorise the use as an exception.

But Pamboridis favours legislation where the use of medical cannabis would be embedded in national law. According to a government bill, patients in advanced and irreversible stages of cancer would enjoy legal and lawful access to medical marijuana if they obtain permission from the Health Ministry.

The health minister has also made references to commercial benefits, as there are many products that can be made using cannabis.

Last year, industrial cannabis became legal in Cyprus while medical cannabis became legal in Germany.

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