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Three dead in Limassol traffic accident

Tragedy unfolded in the early hours of Saturday at Pano Polemidia in Limassol, where a traffic accident led to the death of three young individuals.

Andreas Yiasemi (32-years-old), Demetris Savva (32) and Panayiotis Stephanou (23) are the ones who lost their lives in a traffic accident.

The three young men were riding in a pickup truck which rammed violently into another pickup truck.

Police examinations have yet to reveal what the exact circumstances of the accident were, however they are certain that at least one of the two vehicles was driven at a high speed, and that there was violation of a red traffic light.

Attempts are being made to ascertain which of the two vehicles violated the traffic light.

Due to the force of the impact the three young men became trapped in the wreck of their car.

The Fire Department was needed to free them from the wreck. They were taken to the Limassol General Hospital but they were dead on arrival.

Yiasemi leaves behind a wife and a daughter five-years-old.

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