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Thousands of litres of water lost after dumped in river

Thousands of litres of water are being wasted each year as the Ayios Dometios municipality pumps water from its athletics centre which due to its low lying position and depth, runs the risk of flooding from the surrounding area.

The pumps work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and pump untold thousands of litres into the Klimo River running through the municipality. The river itself is a seasonal one and only runs in if there is extremely high rainfall.

This in itself creates further problems as the water results in the abundant growth of brush, bamboo and other plants filling the area with a host of wildlife including snakes but much to the annoyance of local residents, mosquitoes too.

“We were prohibited in using mechanical means to clean the river bed,” said Ayios Dometios Mayor Costas Petrou indicating that the use of manual labour to clean the river plan had cost the municipality €14,000; €10,000 more than what mechanical means would have cost.

“We were informed that because turtles are now nesting in the area we couldn’t use mechanical means. The result is that the bamboo wasn’t uprooted properly and regrew, causing the local residents to complain.”

The municipality with the Environmental Services agreed to clear the bamboo growth again in September-October.

The municipality has also called for the Water Development Board (WDB) to prepare a study on the problem in order to find a way to utilise the water which for the last 5-6 years has been going to waste.

In the meantime, the municipality is filling its water tankers to irrigate public parks and green spots in the municipality.

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