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Those unfit for army service could be sent to Civil Defence

MPs are chewing over a draft legislative proposal which could see a committee designate Civil Defence duty to those deemed unfit for National Service in the Cyprus military.

The proposed bill was discussed at the House Defence Committee on Thursday where parliamentarians are continuously looking at ways to curb the problem of dwindling numbers with the Cypriot army and the problem of draft dodgers.

The new legislation makes provision for a newly created five-member panel made up of doctors and other professionals to review separately each case in which a recruit is deemed unfit for military service due to psychological reasons.

The provisions of the proposed legislation do not allow for the opinion of a single doctor as is now the case but will require the approval of the committee.

If the committee decides that the recruit is eligible to serve a ‘special’ service, he will be sent to the Cyprus Civil Defence.

Instead of doing 14-months military service they will instead serve a longer term of around 18 or 19 months in the Cyprus Civil Defence.

The proposed legislation also makes deferment provisions in the case of serious physical or psychological problems.

The Defence Committee requested the Defence Ministry to redraft the bills to include any amendments decided in the meeting in order for the bills to be passed by parliament before the summer draft.

MPs also requested from the Civil Defence hierarchy to submit suggestions with regards to recruits serving their military service in the unit.

The Defence Ministry believes that with the approval of the new legislation a significant amount of windows open to army dodgers will effectively be closed.

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