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Thieves steal €7,000, valuables after duping pensioners

Seven thousand euros and various valuables, such as rings and watches, were taken from the Dromolaxia home of an elderly couple by thieves posing as painters.

According to reports, a pensioner, 77, from Dromolaxia in Larnaca district, yesterday complained to the Kiti Police Station that, on Sunday afternoon, while she and her husband were home, they were paid a visit by two foreign males around 30-35 years old, accompanied by two children, aged around eight to 10.

The men told the couple they were painters and could, if they wished, paint the outside of their home.

According to the complaint made to the police, while the couple chatted with the two men, a foreign female, aged around 30 years, also arrived and offered to help the complainant make coffee.

While the two women were making coffee, one of the men and one of the children asked to use the WC. The 77-year-old complainant directed him to the toilet and, in heading there, the man closed the kitchen door which led to the rest of the house.

Subsequently, two other foreign females, also aged around 30, arrived and at some point were sought out by the complainant, but at that point they had already left the house.

Thereafter, the two men, accompanied by the first woman and the two children, hurriedly left the house, telling the couple they would return with more paint to continue painting the outside wall of the house.

However, after their departure, the husband of the complainant, having gone to their bedroom, discovered his bedside table’s drawer open, with €6,000  in cash missing, as well as three wrist watches and four rings worth €400, a pair of gold earrings, a gold cross and chain worth €200, and a further sum of €1,000 from his wallet gone.

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