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Newcomer on YouTube redefines Cypriot comedy

By Paula Manoli-Gray

If you haven’t already heard about ‘Georgiou’s World’, it won’t be long till you do, as the local, satirical video blog is fast gaining fans. The Cyprus Weekly spoke to Stevie Georgiou to find out more.

Cyprus Weekly: ‘Georgiou’s World’ has almost 5000 Facebook likes. Tell us about your ‘world’

Stevie Georgiou: The name’s Stevie, I’m 24, and I’ve been living in Cyprus since the age of 11. I’m a little bit of a strange breed to be honest – a full-on Brummie who was thrown into another dimension in 2004 when my parents moved us here, and I’ve been locked away in exile ever since!

Many believe that I’m hidden somewhere in the UK, but its all about the village life, which has inspired many ideas in the past. I studied Television & Radio Production, and I’m currently working at Larnaca Airport. Apart from that, I’m just your average working-class guy who drives an old Peugeot and enjoys a good cheese on toast with a splash of Worcester sauce.

CW: How did the idea for the videos come about?

SG: I was in a casino when I thought of the idea for this channel – ideas do tend to start in the most unlikely of places! I started the videos roughly 12 months ago, so it’s crazy how much they’ve grown within a year! I think the key is to find your main target audience. The strange thing is I never wanted to touch the Cypriot side of things. Between you and I, (and everybody else reading), I’ve never been that fond of Cypriot humour; I’m very British, but it’s what I experience on a daily basis, so it must be drawn upon.

The whole ‘Cypriot’ comedy thing has been made in an extremely cheesy way in the past, and I aim to change that – to modernize it a little but keep it traditional, if that makes sense. It’s extremely tough doing this within a self-conscious, ‘gossip central’ community such as ours; word gets around quickly, but the key is just to be yourself and let your personality do the talking.

CW: Tell us about your popular ‘Gringlish’ dictionary videos

SG: The English Cypriot dictionary is just on a whole different planet and is absolute genius. It’s a crossbreed of two cultures that has been sculpted into an act of brilliance. ‘Sosinja’ (sausage) has to be my all-time favourite word, and I am now called Sosinja Georgiou wherever I go! This section is what I like to call ‘North London Headquarters’.

After English, ‘Gringlish’ is the second official language of North London… all outsiders must obtain a visa and undergo a GSCE in ‘Gringlish’ in order to gain residency there! I believe this is what’s key – relating to the average person who also laughs about these things, but bringing it to life through comedy. I wasn’t even going to put that video online as someone told me it was rubbish! Oh how wrong he was…

CW: What other topics have you covered?

SG: Situations we all go through on a daily basis here, such as bad timing, working in Cyprus, dodgy parking – the whole shebang! I’ve only done two videos on ‘Growing up Cypriot in the UK’, but this has also been quite popular. I have a list as long as my arms on this, and trust me, my arms are unusually long!

CW: How do the fans respond?

SG: I must say the fans are absolutely in a different class! They may not know it, but I do pay attention to who is watching on a regular basis and blessing me with kind words. Even though I can’t comment on everyone’s interactions individually, I do see them. I love those people… they are more than welcome to come round for a cuppa!

And all those who are giving me stick, or believe the whole ideology of this channel is stupid and insulting to our ethnicity can… (fill in the blank!), but are also more than welcome to have a cuppa.

CW: What does the future hold?

SG: There’s a lot in the pipeline, but I prefer for my actions to do the talking. Possibly abroad, possibly elsewhere, possibly still in Cyprus. Bigger and better things are definitely around the corner… it’s all about to go boom!

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