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Teenage Cypriot girls drinking to excess

A new study has found that the percentage of teenage girls in Cyprus getting drunk has jumped by 11% over just four years.

According to the results of a new Cyprus Anti-Drug Council study, figures for 2015 showed that 45% of the 16 year-old girls taking part in a survey had consumed at least five alcoholic drinks in one sitting within the previous 30 days, an 11% increase on the figure in a study carried out in 2011.

This rise was also confirmed in a test purchasing study carried out by the University of Cyprus in 2015.

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The same studies also found a 1% increase in the percentage of 16-year-old boys who had drunk at least five alcoholic beverages in one sitting within the previous 30 days, rising from 56% in 2011 to 57% in 2015.

Cyprus Anti-Drug Council also grouped Cyprus with Austria and Denmark as one of the countries where close to one in two pupils had consumed five or more alcoholic beverages in one sitting within the previous 30 days.

Also of note is the easy access underage drinkers in Cyprus have to alcohol.

The Anti-Drug Council study found that 88% of the young people questioned in Cyprus said they had no trouble getting alcohol, some 10% above the European average.

Some 68% of the pupil population in Cyprus said they had consumed alcohol within the past 30 days with 50% saying they had actually got drunk.

The study, meanwhile, also found that more Cypriots among the general population than the European average believe it is ok to get behind the wheel after consuming two or more alcoholic drinks.

Figures also revealed that 10% of the population had got drunk at least once over the past 12 months and that 3% had got drunk within the past month.

The Council also said that, based on calculation tools used around the world, at least 2.5% of the Cypriot population is dependent on alcohol.

In 2015, the people who sought help for alcoholism at specialised facilities, amounted to 262.

Eight in 10 were male while their average age was 48 with the youngest person aged 17 and the oldest 78.

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