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TC pupil segregation angers teachers

A decision to separate boys and girls during school excursions in the north of Cyprus has been met with criticism by a union representing teachers.

The education office recently ordered secondary school pupils – set to go on an excursion to Turkey this summer – should be separated into groups of boys and girls.

The move far from impressed The Turkish Cypriot secondary education teachers union, KTOEOS, which later released a statement condemning the decision.

“Do they think that this excursion – which is organised in such a manner so as to insinuate that our youngsters are possible immoral deviants – is in alignment with our regulations?”

The excursions have been taking place since 2012 and is organised and paid for by the Youth and Sports Ministry of Turkey.

KTOEOS has already sent a dossier to the education office containing a total of 14 points criticising the move decision.

Speaking to reporters, KTOEOS head Selma Eylem said that they perceive the latest decision as part of a series of series of efforts to ‘alter’ the character of the Turkish Cypriot community.

She added that the “demographic changes, the opening of a religious school, the increase of mosques, the obligatory religious lessons” and now the segregation of excursions are part of these efforts.

Eylem went on to criticize Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, the Turkish Cypriot parties and the European Union officials for just sitting back and standing idle.

“We must all stand together against the attacks on our education, cultural identity, values, demographic structure and our regulations. We must stand up against this move to create a new type of citizen. This is the most important duty that we have towards the future generations of our homeland”.

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