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Tax Board makes comeback

The Tax Board has regained its lost sheen thanks to the Troika, having now extended powers, including the capacity to conduct administrative checks on the decisions of the Tax Commissioner regarding  the value-added tax (VAT).

In 2013, the Christofias administration had decided to abolish the Tax Board, since it only offered a hefty salary to its members without a corresponding work load. On average, the Tax Board examined 13 cases per year.

The cost of running the Tax Board amounted to approximately €1 million per year.

“The operation of the Tax Board all these years, has not proven its necessity to exist,” said the then government spokesperson Stephanos Stephanou.

The incoming Anastasiades administration adopted the decision of the Christofias cabinet, however, a few months later, it was forced to reverse course following Troika recommendations to operate a Tax Board.

The International Monetary Fund pointed to the need for an independent board which could review disputes between taxpayers and state tax departments.

In January 2014 a new committee comprised of a president and five members was appointed.

The Tax Board allows the public, any person or legal entity who feels they were levied an unjust tax, to submit their complaint and subject it to a review. In the case that they are not satisfied by the Tax Board’s decision, the case may be taken to the Supreme Court.

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